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Glom is being ported to Windows. It basically runs, but the advanced features like developer mode, service discovery/publishing, python scripting and many Windows-specific stuff (correctly locate files, easy-to-install) still need to be done. In Detail these are:

  • Building glom and its dependencies needs some tricks. See WindowsBuildInstructions.
  • Only the client-only version has already been ported.
  • Glom only runs when installed with 'make install' in msys, otherwise it does not find the libgda postgresql provider. (Fixed in libgda since revision 3037)
  • Networked Glom via Avahi/libepc is not supported at the moment (Avahi has not yet been ported to Windows, and it doesn't seem easy. Avahi Bug #123. We either need to implement this by other means in libepc for Windows, port avahi ourselves, or wait for someone to port it)
  • Executing python scripts just leads to '** (glom.exe:512): WARNING **: Could not import python glom module.' in the console. (Fixed since revision 1382. Also requires latest gnome-python-extras, gconfmm, gnome-vfsmm, bakery, libgdamm)
  • The Glom mime type is not registered, therefore the recent chooser widget does not work. (We can work around this in bakery, but a much cleaner solution is to register the .glom file type (probably a job for some future installer) and make GTK+ guess the mime type from this. See bug #506062)
  • When starting glom a "gconfd-2.exe" console window pops up. This is inconvenient for end users. Perhaps we should even use the registry instead of gconf on Windows.
  • When connecting to a database and scrolling in list or details view, there are redraw problems (see this screenshot). This is probably a GTK+ bug on Windows that needs investigation. It goes away when minimizing and maximizing the window.