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  • Glom should allow you to browse (via Avahi) the local network for currently open Glom systems. We can use the new Avahi UI widgets for this.
  • This will be a Glom-specific network service. Note that there will actually be two ports in use - one for Postgres, and one for this Glom service, though the Glom service is only used to get the .glom document.
  • The currently-open Glom should request a user and password from the second Glom instance.
  • The currently-open Glom should attempt a Postgres connection with this user and password.
  • If the user and password are correct, Glom should then provide the entire .glom file over the network.
  • The second Glom instance should then connect to the currently-open Glom's Postgres instance, using the provided .glom file.