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Glom should allow the user to import data from a text file that they have previously exported from another application, such as Gnumeric, Excel, FileMaker, or Access.

Gnome::Gda::DataModelImport can probably help with this. It seems to read CSV files and provide a Gnome::Gda::DataModel API for it.


There is already an export feature, and this might provide some inspiration. However, we should look at how this is done in other applications.

It might be nice to display the rows of data horizontally (so it looks similar to how it looks in a text editor) to make it more familiar to the user, but it would probably be easier to implement a vertical grid with columns for the data columns (example data) and target field names. For instance:

 Data            Target Field
 0001            Contact ID
 Murray          First Name
 Cumming         Last name
 Murray Cumming  <None>

Clicking on the Target Field cells would show a combobox allowing you to choose a field name in the existing Glom database.