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Glom already runs on Maemo (The Nokia 800 and 810 Internet Tablets), though it is only an initial port. Some more work is needed:

  • Use hildon widgets such as the time and date widgets (needs modifications to hildon to allow them to be empty, though these should probably be in GTK+ anyway).
  • Use hildon dialogs, such as Hildon::Note (we do some of this already).
  • Use maemomm-booster for quick start-up.
  • Support the generic offline mode and other states (suspend)?
  • Allow the Glom developer to specify smaller alternative layouts.
  • Handle loss of network connections more gracefully, and offer a network connection (using libconic) when needed.
  • Offer a simple replication system to handle:
    • Updating read-only tables from the server.
    • Data input (and maybe modification) when the handheld does not have a network connection. We should probably avoid replication that would ever require admin intervention to resolve conflicts during replication, or at least make it very clear when that could be required.
  • Avoid excessive network re-connections and duplicate SQL queries.
  • Keyboard navigation: Make sure that this works well by default and allow the developer to specify a tab sequence.