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1.0 Features


  • Table Add/Remove: Plus set a startup default, and hide secondary tables from users.
  • Field Definitions
  • Lookups: Store values from related records, such as a product price.
  • Relationship Definitions: To do: Maybe not everything responds to changes here yet.
  • List and Details views
  • Automatic Layout
  • Layout Design: Not pretty, but it works.
  • Related Fields: Show fields from related records, such as a contact name.
  • Related Records: Show a list of related records on the layout, such as invoice lines.
  • Internationalized input and display: For instance, commas instead of dots for German numbers.
  • Minimal formatting options: Optional thousands separator, optional currency, decimal places.
  • Calculated Fields: For instance, totals, concatenation. Uses python.
  • Access Control: Define groups (containing users) and their create/delete/view/edit rights for each table.

To Do

  • Simple "By" Reports: Mostly done. Need to implement Summary part.

Post-1.0 Features

  • Locking: Don't let a second user edit the same record. (Delay unlock for 5 seconds after entry loses focus). Update the display when the second user changes the same record.
  • Internationalization: Allow developers to enter titles (tables, fields, reports, relationships) for non-english languages. Ideally, also allow them to mass-translate them via the standard gettext/po system.
  • Drag-and-drop layout: Add a panel of available items and show visual feedback as they are moved around on the layout. But still use the automatic-layout system.
  • Image field type: Store media in the database.
  • Multi-column relationships: Match on 2 key fields instead of just one.
  • Performance: Keep connection alive