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Building java-libglom from the source code

We suggest using jhbuild.

Building java-libglom

java-libglom uses autotools, so you can use the standard configure and make commands to build it from a tarball. If you are building from git then you will need to run instead of configure. Note that you'll need to use ./configure --enable-maven-install so that gwt-glom can find the installed files later.

Alternatively, you can let jhbuild do it for you:

Building java-libglom with jhbuild

Before we start, we need to set the jhbuild configuration file for java-libglom. Download the java-libglom jhbuildrc with this command:


And move it to the location expected by jhbuild:

mv jhbuildrc-java-libglom .jhbuildrc

Use this command to build java-libglom and it's dependencies:

jhbuild build

This should take a few minutes so now's a good time to grab a coffee or tea.

When this has finished, you should run the unit tests and example application with this command to ensure everything is OK:

jhbuild shell
cd ~/gnome/sources/java-libglom
make check

You should see these lines near the bottom of the output:

All 2 tests passed

If you don't see information indicating that all tests have passed, something is wrong with java-libglom and you will have to resolve the problem before you can continue.