1.8 Features

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See also the existing 1.6 Features, 1.4 Features, 1.2 Features and 1.0 Features.

  • Drag-and-drop layout: Add a panel of available items and show visual feedback as they are moved around on the layout. But still use the automatic-layout system.
  • Steal ideas from Glade. Time: 60 hours.
  • Windows Port: Shouldn't be too difficult. All dependencies are portable. Time: 60 hours.
  • This should use native GTK+ on Windows rather than X11 on Windows.
  • This should use g++, not MSCVC++.
  • Detect that an instance is open already, and connect to that computer, instead of re-hosting the database. Avahi can probably do this.
  • Detect that other clients are connected, and warn before closing. (Not done)
  • Deal with lots of data The custom tree model should progressively gets only the record values that are visible in the scrolled window. libgda 3.0, which we now use, has API that apparently allows this by supporting database cursors, but that is not actually implemented in the libgda postgres provider yet. (DONE) (Will be really DONE in 1.10, when we use libgda-4.0).