1.4 Features

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See also the existing 1.2 Features and 1.0 Features.

  • SQL Debugging: Add a command-line option to make Glom print its generated SQL queries to stdout (the terminal). (Done)
  • Internationalization via .po files: Add Export and Import buttons to Translations Window, so translators can use their usual .po file tools. Time: 10 hours.
  • Add import and export buttons to the dialog in Glade.
  • Create signal handlers for those buttons in the dialog class.
  • In the signal handlers, read (parse) and write (generate) the .po text file format for the strings.
  • Embed Postgres: Allow Glom to start its own postgres instance, so that the first person to open a .glom file could be the host for the database. Use of a separate Postgres server is then an option for performance. (Done)
  • Relationships Overview: See a picture of all the tables, with all their relationships to each other. Use a canvas and let the user drag the tables around. Time: 70 hours.
  • This should almost certainly use goocanvas, which should probably be wrapped for C++ first, with gmmproc.
  • This is a bounty, so far for $400.