1.2 Features

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See also the existing 1.0 Features.

  • Really remember the last-viewed record on the details view when navigating between tables.
  • List view: Remember column widths when you resize them manually. Bug #358089 from Peter Williams.
  • Related records:
  • When clicking the open button, show a warning dialog when the related record indicates a non-existant doubly-related record, making navigation impossible.
  • Allow navigation to doubly-related records (such as products from invoice lines on an invoice record), even when only the ID key is shown.
  • Help buttons now work, though more help text is needed. (Johannes Schmid and Don Scorgie)
  • Developer mode:
  • Added Add Related Table item to the Tables menu. This is a time-saving feature to quickly create a related table and a relationship to it, and is a first step to implementing further refactoring functionality. Bug #355975.
  • Field definitions: Warn about null values and non-unique values when setting a primary key.
  • Related records: Allow the developer to specify to what table the user will be taken, or use the automatic choice.
  • List views and related records portals:
  • Allow image fields in the lists.
  • When no fields are specified, show a hint about editing the layout. Bug #354073 from Peter Williams.
  • Python API (Calculated fields and button scripts): Added record.connection and record.table_name attributes, so you can go wild with SQL with the whole pygda API, if you must. The connection is even open already, you lucky people. See http://www.glom.org/wiki/index.php?title=Calculated_Fields_API#Using_the_full_pygda_API (Murray Cumming)
  • Button scripts: Update the view after the script has run, in case it changed any data.
  • Field Formatting: You can now specify a number of text lines to show for multi-line text. Bug #355907 from Peter Williams.
  • Layout editor dialogs: Added explanatory tooltips to the Add buttons.
  • Field calculation editor: Prevent translators from translating the fragment of python code.